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You have a special place in my heart
no one can ever take your part
my feelings run so deep for you
i hope you realize their true
i can’t explain the way you make me feel
when you’re around it’s my heart you steal
i don’t know if you’re feelings are strong
just don’t make me wait long
we can’t make a new start
because you are in my heart

loved you when the dinosaurs roamed the earth,
I was a jungle woman~ you were my cave man.
I loved you when Jesus walked the earth,
I was his disciple~ you were one too.
I loved you when kings ruled all the lands,
I was a princess~ you were my charming prince.
I loved you when Romans conquered all,
I was a prisoner~ you were a guard.
I loved you when cowboys roamed the West,
I was a saloon gal~ you were my best customer.
I loved you when society was high,
I was the banker’s daughter~ you were my shy caller.
I loved you when people swing danced,
I was a dancer~ you were my partner.
I loved you when wars were being fought,
I was a nurse~ you were me handsome patient.
I loved you when depression hit the world,
I was a factory worker~ you were my employer.
I loved you when the girls wore poodle skirts,
I was so dainty~ you were my bad biker.
I loved you when people were high on peace and life,
I was a flower child~ you were a soldier.
I loved you when people lived for all 54 clubs,
I was a night club singer~ you worked the bar.
I loved you when people became free,
I chose to love you~ you chose to love me.
I have lived many lives,
Been many people,
But no matter who I am,
Or, how many lives I live,
I have loved you in all,
Will love you in all.
Till the end of time,
And beyond,
For many lives to come.