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I miss having someone
to hold and to touch.
I miss having someone
who loves me that much.
I miss having someone
who really does care.
I miss having someone
who always is there.
When will all that emptiness
finally disappear?
When will my eyes be dry
without a single tear?

You may not ever believe me when I say
the time I spent with you wasn’t just another day.
My heart was racing every time I looked at you,
I love all the things that I saw you do.
You may not ever believe me when I say,
I knew I was in love with you that day.
I felt it when you kissed me goodbye,
I was so happy and lay down to cry.
You may not ever believe me when I say,
my greatest time ever was with you that day.
My self-esteem was rising every time you held me,
that’s exactly how I want things to be.
You may not ever believe me when I say,
my dreams came true with you that day.
Thoughts of you bring me so much happiness,
but now that day is over and everything I now miss.
You may not ever believe me when I say,
I thought you also felt love that day.
I’m hoping now my thoughts are true,
we’ll last forever, just me and you.